About This Course

This is a 3 months LIVE course with doubt sessions, 250+ solved programming problems, cheat sheets, an interview question package and much more resources. It's also available for a lifetime. From the point of Interview Preparation and becoming an SDE, it's very important to understand the core concepts of Data Structure. We have designed the content with utmost care and curiosity in our mind & made a course review with our SDEs. This course content is based on some research that we have performed on all the currently available courses in the market.The duration of this course is three months.

We’ll talk about all that in details in this course.

Batch - 2 is starting from July 25 2021

Abhijit Tripathy

Founder & CEO

Abhijit has a demonstrated history of mentoring students, uplifting opensource culture and performing research in technical education. His books are published in 14+ countries around the world. His research are published in Internation Journals too.