We are an organization providing a lot of services like data analytics, freelance designing, writing and a few products based on education & software development like our magazine "The Developer Quest" and our courses on "Udemy". Other than this, we are deeply involved in promoting opensource development by preparing different projects and helping beginners by participating in many national and international programs.

The Developer Quest

Our Vision

With the evolvement of new technology and in the fast-paced age of edu-tech it's been quite easy to learn a new skill, perform some hands-on, prepare some projects and master the same skill completely. Our main vision is to provide quality content to our learners, which focuses more on learning than business. In India, we have seen the education-tech industry to be growing at a higher pace, but that's becoming too much costly to buy a course for only a 5 to 6 months access. We don't believe in courses, rather we believe in hands-on application. This is one of the reason we are very much focuses on opensource & digital e-books/magazine.

It’s very rare to find a technical magazine focused on software development, that accepts the same amount of participation from the students as well as professionals in terms of technical articles, CP problems, Software Designing Problems, Hackathon, Job offers, research and a lot of other aspects that have been included with this issue.

We have tried our best to provide better content with each issue, Every new initiative starts with some up and downs and a lot of errors, but as a part of the industry, We expect our readers to point out our mistakes and let us grow and give us a chance to come up with better content in the upcoming issues.

Thank you for stopping by. If you want to contribute to the magazine or suggest something, feel free to contact us at our email.

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Read Our Blogs on Algorithms

We have designed this section specially for the techies interested in learning algorithms. Algorithms are interesting. Visit this section to get some awesome resources on algorithms.

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Our Products & Services

Opensource Development

Open source licensing encourages innovation through collaboration. We are having a few open-sourced projects on github related to Data structures and Algorithms in Python, Flutter Development, Django & Machine Learning. We have been a part of 10+ national and international opensource programs and mentored more than 200 participants.

Developer Courses

We are promoting short, cheaper & meaningful courses, that let the student developer learn and master a particular skill. We never support long term highly overpriced courses that promises a lot of random things (like direct placements), rather we want our developers to be creative and innovative, so that they can build their own product. Most of our courses are on "Udemy" platform.

Magazine & e-books

There has been a lack of technical magazines/periodicals in the software industry that can be able to connect the beginners to the experts. We at eduAlgo has come up with our new magazine to promote learning as well as make beginners practise software development, one step at a time. Information is a gem of thing that can make you a better problem solved i.e. a better developer.

Developer Community

We have an active opensource community, that helps developers at our organization to connect with contributors, this community is meant for technical discussions and community learning.

Data Analytics & Research

We are promoting the importance of data-analytics and research in any business. Feel free to drop us a mail and let's discuss about your project and let us help you get a quote from us.

Freelance Services

As a side business we are providing freelance services on three domains mainly, Graphic Designing,industrial writing and tutoring. Feel free to get in touch and get a proper quote.

Our Reviews

What people say about us

We are growing as a team and the positive reviews that we have got from our students as well as our interns are something that fuels us to take things into next level. Don't hesitate to go through our reviews section to know more about us.

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