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Welcome to Edualgo Academy

eduAlgo is a small startup, focused on building learner centric, research based education curriculum. Complexities are everywhere, but only a good teacher can simplify those complexities and make them learner specific. We try to provide quality content, mentorship and related resources at a cheaper price. Quality is taken quite seriously at our place.

Education is becoming a business, although teaching is a profession, it's becoming a money madness. Even if some companies are delivering good resources, they are making it overpriced and available for limited duration of time. Instead of limiting the learners apetite, cheapest price & better quality makes us stand apart from others.


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Machine Learning For Beginners (Recorded)

INR 24k

Machine Learning For Beginners (Recorded)

In this course, we are going to start our journey with Python and move forward with the basics of Machine Learning that includes Linear Algebra, Statistics, Data Handling and a lot of crucial concepts

  • 18 Reviews
ML, Python
System Designing For Beginners (LIVE)

INR 40k

System Designing For Beginners (LIVE)

System designing interviews are an integral part of the hiring process, which decides your package and position in a software company. This LIVE course will take you on a journey of designing efficie

  • 5 Reviews
System Design
Data Structures and Algorithms Bootcamp (Concepts & Practice)

INR 10k

Data Structures and Algorithms Bootcamp (Concepts & Practice)

The data structures and algorithms Bootcamp is designed in such a way to help everyone get a proper path and quality content on the subject. Most of the time, quality is not provided in a lot of co

  • 5 Reviews
Mastering Graph Algorithms

INR 1.9k

Mastering Graph Algorithms

This Bootcamp is a comprehensive guide to mastering graph algorithms. Topics include breadth-first search, depth-first search, Dijkstra's algorithm, A* algorithm, Bellman-Ford algorithm, and Floyd-War

  • 2 Reviews


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Android Development - 1

In this workshop, you are going to build a very simple portfolio app mentioning all your details and designing it from scratch using the Flutter framework and Dart programming language, by building a



Android Development - 2

In this workshop, you are going to build a very simple portfolio app mentioning all your details and designing it from scratch using the Flutter framework and Dart programming language, by building a



A workshop on GIT and GitHub

This workshop is going to enable you for using git and GitHub by understanding how they work internally and how different commands in a chronological manner can make our life easier as a developer.

Our Experienced Mentors

We like to provide the best teaching with best teachers

Founder & CEO

Abhijit Tripathy

Abhijit has a demonstrated history of mentoring students, uplifting opensource culture and performing research in technical education. His books are published in 14+ countries around the world. His research are published in Internation Journals too.

What Our Students Say

It is very understanding. Easy to start from the basics and learn the whole concept. I am able to understand all concepts and The mentor is good enough.


Shalu Kumari Python Bootcamp

The course offered is awesome. Course is well-planned mentor started teaching from zero to one. The mentor is a very humble man.


Bibekar Tejas Python Bootcamp

The course is great, and can easily be understood by a beginner like me. It gives us the basics of python with the book which is provided and also different problems for practice.


Abhishek Kumar Singh Python Bootcamp

I believe in Edualgo Academy, everything has been clear and concise in the Machine Learning course. I am willing to shift my career towards data science and will be joining the Advanced ML course of Edualgo Academy


Sourav Maji Machine Learning Course

Very good! It's understanding and straight to the point. And the main thing is that the explanation of why, why we are using a particular concept/approach in a problem is very well explained in this course.


Himanshi Soni Data Structures and Algorithms Course

The course is amazing, the mentor has beautifully explained all the concepts especially sparse matrix.


Prashashti Pankaj Machine Learning Course

The session was very interesting, attended the first time. The best part is how the mentor is explaining each and everything with the compiler and how things work at the backend. Really Great


Shristi Sharma C++ Session(FPU)

The session was overall crisp and content-rich. One can understand all the concepts. More than I expected.


Kruthika HM C++ Session(FPU)

The DSA classes have always been very engaging, systematic and informative. Our mentor emphasizes explaining every topic in detailing and he is indeed good.


Srijani Som Data Structures and Algorithms Course


How to be better at Data Structures and Algorithms?

How to be better at Data Structures and Algorithms?

Data Structures and Algorithms are the building blocks of the entire software industry and in the upcoming days it's going to be one of the strongest skill needed to get hired in any software compa